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  • Pocket Guide: How to Pack Like a Pro
  • Amy Hayes
  • Pocket Guides

Pocket Guide: How to Pack Like a Pro

Pocket Guide: How to Pack Like a Pro

We all have that friend... the one who shows up at the airport, rolling a carry-on, a second bag thrown over her shoulder, one that definitely qualifies as a "personal item," no checked baggage in sight. For a 10-day holiday.

How does she do it?

Packing is a skill that takes a bit of practice to achieve pro level. Packing light is a concept that many are familiar with, some are intrigued by, and fewer have mastered. Thankfully, it doesn't have to remain a mystery solved by only those with 100,000+ frequent flyer miles.

Top 5 Tips on How to Pack Like a Pro

1. Make your life simple.

Basics are your best friends here. As are dresses that can be styled for multiple occasions. The trick is to not get too fancy or specialized. You may love that one top and would wear it if you end up doing that one specific thing and the weather is just so, but in all likelihood that won't end up happening. Save space and leave it at home.

"Keep your clothes classic and familiar to what you know looks great. Neutrals that can be layered. Don't try too hard to hit the latest fashion trends on the road!" - Lacy Colley Yamaoka, @LCYamaoka

2. Remember the liquids.

The 3 oz (50 ml) restriction for flying pretty much rules out most toiletries for being carry-on compliant. This is where travel sizes are a life saver. It's also why we've specifically sourced wellness products in roll-on sizes that are well within the guidelines. The lavender + chamomile cleansing grains are a particular favorite – not only are they made with certified organic ingredients, they're water activated, not an actual liquid. How amazing is that?

3. Think light as a feather.

It's a fact, some materials are heavier than others. Denim is going to add more weight than breezy blouses. Yes, you'll need some thicker things if you're traveling to cold weather. But who says you can't wear those on? The trick is layers, and carry your coat in hand.

"Plan your outfits ahead of time, shoes are the heaviest, try to style with a minimal number of them." - Jess van Dop DeJesus, @DiningTraveler

"Sub in accessories instead of extra outfits. Things like a hat, earrings, statement necklace, or scarves can change the look of your outfit and keep your load light."- Kristen Kellogg, @BorderFreeProd

4. Go digital.

Every tech-savvy traveler knows the value of their favorite device. E-readers, smart phones, and tablets keep the world at your finger tips – stay up to date on what's happening in the news, double tap those social media feeds, and have access to your whole library of books, music, magazines, and whatever else to keep you entertained. Just pop them in your favorite backpack for easy carrying and your shoulders will thank you upon arrival.

5. Leave the computer out.

Dare we suggest this... travel without your beloved laptop? It is possible, believe it or not. With the advancements in technology there's not too much you can't do on your smart phone or tablet, especially with the new cases and external keyboards for added ease. But if you absolutely cannot bear to leave it at home, pack it in your roller carry-on. Saves a ton on weight you actually have to carry.

• • • 

Looking for the perfect pieces for your next grand adventure? Our Ready for Departure and Wellness on the Go collections have everything you need to take off looking like a pro. Just be ready for when fellow passengers stop to ask you for your travel tips!

  • Amy Hayes
  • Pocket Guides