web design without coding

Web Design Without Coding

Web design without coding... surely that's not a "thing", is it?

Actually, it is.

You see back in the day, web design platforms required knowledge of some combination of CSS and Javascript and the like – collectively known as "custom coding" – in order to create a website.

These days it's far more simple.

We can thank the rise of the "Drag & Drop Page Builder" for making our lives oh-so much easier.

Drag & drop page builders are what platforms like Squarespace and Wix, and yes, even Wordpress, use to create page layouts. They allow to literally drag the element you want to use to the page, and then drop it in the location you want it to be.

Admittedly, there are varying levels of expertise needed to use the different page builders.

For example, Squarespace is extremely user friendly for a beginner, with a library of basic elements you can choose from to create your pages. 

In Wordpress, we have a few more options.

WPBakery is the page builder I use for the majority of my websites. This is tool has been enhanced over the years, and allows you to pretty much build any layout or design you want without ever having to touch a line of code. Pretty cool, huh?

Elementor is another popular page builder for Wordpress. This one is a bit fancier, and therefore requires a bit more technical know-how to use effectively. But...  you can still design your website without coding.

Both of these plugins come bundled in the Bridge Theme by Qode, available at Themeforest/Envato Market*

This is the theme I use with each of my Wordpress websites (whether for a client or for myself). It includes more than 600 pre-built demos – for both WPBakery and Elementor – making it super easy to select one you like, and edit the content with minimal tech skills.

The Bridge theme is my secret weapon to creating polished, professional websites without ever touching a line of code.

And if you ever get stuck, the theme developer include 6 months of live support with every theme purchase, as well as a library of written and video tutorials. 

I teach exactly how I use the Bridge theme in my 5 Simple Steps to Building Any Wordpress Website free training.

If you're interested in learning how to design gorgeous websites without coding, click the link above and sign up for instant access.


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