Be A Global Creator

What does it mean to be a Global Creator?

Any of you who have been following me online since the beginning have seen the many iterations of my brand…

The term first appeared as the French name of my first travel and design blog, Créatrice Mondial.

Due to obvious reasons, mainly that it was difficult to both remember and pronounce (making it not so search engine friendly), I adopted the English translation of Global Creator.

The name has remained a constant, as I tried all the things and attempted to carve out a career for myself in the digital creative space.

Travel blogger. Freelance writer. Creative director. And now a full-time, self-employed web designer.

At its core, the concept of The Global Creator has always been more about capturing an essence… the lightness and vitality that comes from a life well-lived, whatever that may look like.

For me, it looks like literally traveling the world, creating.

Working at my hotel room in London, then popping out to the pub to catch up with old friends.

Taking two weeks to go skiing in the French Alps, spending a day or so designing a client website at a restaurant with a mountain view.

Enjoying the fact that the website I was building paid for the entire trip (and then some).

The idea of The Global Creator is meant to inspire anyone who dares (or dreams) to step more boldly out into the world, and answer that whisper calling for more with passion, and creativity.

It’s one helluva way to live, my friends. 

And I wish this much sense of freedom and satisfaction to anyone who dares strike out on their own path.

Consider this an invitation.


We don't have dreams. We have results. We create our lives as we please, and we build wildly successful businesses. When we fall, we don't wallow. We rewrite the story.